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Max Scratchmann

Pushing the Boundaries of the Illustrated Page...

A Life in Art?

Max Scratchmann was born in India to British parents. Brought "home" to Scotland as a small child he hated the cold climate and surgical grey light, and couldn't wait to get back to India again.

Max graduated with a degree in English Literature, and, after various jobs, became a full time freelance illustrator and writer in 1984.

His book about life in the Scottish Islands, Chucking It All, was named one of the 10 best travel books of 2009 by Worldhum.

Max now lives and works in Edinburgh, a city said to be rivalled only by Venice for culture and architecture in the entirety of western Europe.

He has written for a plethora of magazines and newspapers since the late 1970s, ranging from The Guardian to Nostalgic Scotland and is the author of the following travel books:

*Chucking It All - How Downshifting to a Windswept Scottish Island Did Nothing to Improve My Quality of Life (2009) Selected by Worldhum as one of the 10 best travel books of 2009

*The Last Burrah Sahibs - Memories of a Colonial Childhood in India (2012)

*Scotland for Beginners - Learning to Live in the Land of My Fathers(2013)

Max is also a popular performance poet and can be seen at many Edinburgh poetry venues and slams. He is the author of two books of verse and several works of fiction.

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